I passed my test, now what?

I passed my test, now what?

Steps going forward timeline: (only applies to new licensees currently)

  • We submit your license application to the FCC.
  • When the FCC receives your license application, they place a payment hold on the application and email you a link to the FCC Payment System. (1) CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FOR THIS EMAIL! The payment hold is only good for 10 calendar days. (2) (3) If the payment hold expires, the FCC will automatically dismiss the license application without action. (4) Please pay your application fee ASAP. The fee can only be paid via a PC at this time, paying via mobile device will cause issues.
  • Find the username (email) and password for your FCC account (created when you got your FRN)
  • Using a link provided in the payment email, log onto the FCC Payment System using your FCC account and pay the $35 FCC license application fee. (5) (6) (7)
  • With a successful payment (8), the FCC Payment System releases the hold and the normal processing flows from there (9) with your new call sign appearing in the ULS and, at the close of the business day, the FCC will email you a pointer to the official copy of your license, etc.
  • Come back when you are ready for more . . .


  1. The FCC email will be:
    1. Subj: Payment Required for the FCC License Application submitted on your behalf by {VEC Name}
  2. The payment hold starts with the license application is acknowledged by the FCC. While typically this takes a day, it may take us longer to submit your application, as we are an all-volunteer organization.
  3. If the applicant answered “YES” to the Basic Qualification Question concerning a State or Federal felony conviction, the payment hold timeline runs concurrently with the 14-calendar day timeline. The explanation package needs to be submitted to the FCC within those 14 calendar days by Email to [email protected]. It is not 10+14 calendar days for the whole process – the timelines run concurrently. This is all the more reason to pay your license application fee ASAP.
  4. If payment is not received by the end of the payment hold period (10-calendar days) your application will be dismissed. You will receive a dismissal email. If you still want a license, you must re-apply by contacting me, your exam session manager. We will re-submit your license application as part of a future session. Resubmit fees may be required.
  5. A direct link to the FCC Payment System logon page is here: https://apps2.fcc.gov/Batch_Filer/login.cfm
  6. The $35 FCC application fee is in addition to the exam fee that we charge to administer an exam. While we offer exam fee waivers for some applicants, it is the applicant’s responsibility to pay the $35 FCC license application fee directly to the FCC. There are no waivers for the FCC application fee.
  7. As outlined in the current FCC regulations, the $35 application fee only applies to (1) new licenses, (2) license renewals (every 10 years) and (3) vanity call sign applications. The fee is not charged for administrative changes, such as name, address, or email address, or license upgrades, e.g. Technician to General, or General to Extra.
  8. The FCC confirms payments and releases the payment hold weekdays at 6pm ET. If you pay the application fee after 6pm ET, the hold will be released at 6pm ET the next day. Weekend payments are released on Monday.
  9. While some applications are granted immediately and new call sign issued, there are some applications that will be off lined for additional investigation, etc. Common issues are name and address hits that FCC feels require investigation, those that had their operating privileges revoked earlier by the FCC, invalid State and Zip codes in address fields, etc. The FCC does not share the details concerning the type of application scanning that is done. Please note: If the application is dismissed by the FCC for any reason, the application fee is not refundable.

If you have any issues or questions, contact the ULS Licensing Support Center at (877) 480-3201, Option 2; TTY (717) 3382824, or via the web at https://esupport.fcc.gov/request.htm. We have no visibility into the FCC internal systems.

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