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Take a Virtual Test

Take a Virtual Test

What do I need to do to schedule a test?

  1. An FRN number from the FCC. If you don't have one, register on the FCC site.
  2. Email me to request an ad-hoc test. Please give me at least a couple of days and a couple of times or you can look on HamStudy for open sessions.
  3. Pay the invoice before the session - Email should arrive a few days before the session.
  4. Look for the Zoom link - Usually emailed on the day of the test.
  5. Be prompt and ready to pass.

What should I bring with me?

  • Your FRN: The FCC requires all applicants to register for an FRN prior to submitting applications for a license. You can do so by following the instructions on the FCC website.
  • An ID: a Driver's License, a passport, or another type of ID which the Volunteer Examiners find acceptable. A photo ID is preferred, but some exceptions can be made.
  • Payment: Pay online or in-person depending on the team. The ARRL VEC charges $15.
  • Pencils
  • Calculator (optional): If remotely testing, you may use the calculator app on your computer. If you are testing in person, a basic calculator is allowed. In either case, you must demonstrate to the VE's satisfaction that all memories have been cleared.
  • Scratch paper (optional): One blank sheet of paper and a pen or pencil.
  • A completely filled out 605. If you register on, the 605 is created as part of the registration process and you'll just need to confirm its correctness once you have passed.

For Remote Sessions

  • Webcam and microphone: If you are testing remotely, you will need a webcam and microphone. Headphones are not allowed once testing has begun, so please try to have a separate speaker and microphone available. Smartphones joining the meeting as an additional device can often work if required.
  • Stable network connection and Zoom installed on your computer.
  • A quiet room with no interruptions from family members. A garage, bathroom, or any other room where you won't be disturbed during the test. We may cancel the session or force you to restart the test if disrupted.
  • Cover all unused screens (TV and monitors). You can only use one screen while testing. Make sure your testing area is clear of loose papers and ham radio or electronics material.

What do I do after I pass?

After you passed your initial exam, will need to log into CORES to pay your $35 FCC processing fee once your application has been submitted via the VEC. You can look to see if your application has been submitted by using the ULS Application Search by your FRN. Once the application has been submitted, you have 10 days to pay. This is important to watch for. More information can be found on the FCC site about the fees.

Are you an upgrade? Lucky for you, you won't need to pay the $35, they don't charge for upgrades.

When will I receive my license/upgrade?

New Hams: The FCC processes applications daily. If you pay your fee before 6 pm Eastern on business days (excluding federal holidays), your license will be processed the following day. If you pay after that time, it will take 2 business days.

License Upgrades: Your upgrade will appear immediately after the VEC office uploads your application. This is generally within a couple of business days of your test.

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